Headed out for a vacation and need someone to look after your pets? Or maybe you're unable to take care of them due to hospitalization or other emergency? Look no further!

We offer both long and short term boarding options for cats and dogs. With an air conditioned facility and heated floors, your pets stay will feel more like a vacation! 


Short Term Boarding

Short Term Boarding can be anywhere from a single day to a standard vacation. 


1 dog w/1room - $30 per night

2 dogs w/1room - $30 + extra $15 per night ($45)


1cat w/1room - $20 per night

2cats w/1room - $30 per night

We always ask that any important medial, behavioral, or personal information be given to us before your pet comes to stay, so we can provide the best care possible. 

Long Term Boarding

Our Long Term Boarding Service was designed to help in cases of need and emergency. If your dog or cat needs boarding for more than 3 weeks, this might be what you are looking for. 


Because these services were designed for cases in need, the prices depend on the individual case. Please call for any price estimates below. 


What can your pet expect during their stay?


Individual Play Area time - 2x a day 

Connected Outside Pen Playtime 

Individual Walks

Fed twice a day


Toys and Trees to climb

Human Playtime/Pet-time

If your dog has any specific needs that are not listed, please let our staff know. 


Beyond the scheduled items for your pets stay, you can always add on more. Below are some options and their prices. 


Extra Playroom time $15

Extra Walk $15 per walk 


Extra 1-on-1 Playtime/Pet-time $15

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If you are a Veteran or First Responder, please let us know! 

We provide discounts to thank you for your services.