Suggested donation levels:

"Furr - Ever" Friends -- Ongoing Monthly Donation

"Bow Wowzers" Club -- $500

"Purr - ific" Patrons -- $1000

Perhaps you could be a Cor - "Purr" - ate Sponsor?

The needs of the shelter change from day to day.  Some days we maybe low on one kind of food, but have plenty of another.  We are happy to have so many wonderful people that want to help the dogs and cats at our shelter.  We appreciate every donation no matter its size.  We put it all to good use, however, some of the things we really need are hard to ask for.  So, for those of you that would like to make a difference but aren’t sure how…

Why not consider buying gift cards and mailing or dropping them off at the Shelter?
Here is what we can buy as needed at  the following locations:

Target/Farm & Fleet                     Menard's/Lowe's                       Ace Hardware
Dog/Cat Food                                     Building Materials                Cage Clips
Treats                                                       For Shelter Repairs          Garbage Bags
Bleach/Vinegar/                              Dog/Cat Food                           Furnace Filters
  Cleaning Supplies                         Cat Litter                                  Cage Repair Bolts
Brooms/Mops                                  Cleaning Supplies                  Yard Maintenance Equipment
Paper Towels/Dish Soap               Trash Containers                               
Litter Pans                                         Fencing Parts
Sterile Gloves/                                 Laundry Supplies
               Rubbing Alcohol               Heaters
Printer Paper/Ink                           Water Buckets
Office Supplies
Specialty Diet Needs

The Shelter is always in need of:

Cat litter                                     Cloth towels/small rugs

Postage stamps                        Liquid hand soap

Canned cat/dog food               Aluminum cans to recycle

Paper towels                              Dish soap

Lint rollers                                  Gift Cards to Target, Farm & Fleet,

33 gallon trash bags                Menard's, Lowe's & Ace Hardware

Laundry detergent                              

Volunteer Opportunities:

Basic cleaning

Animal socializing


Dog walking




Transport for vet visits, grooming,

school/nursing home visits

Volunteering is easy
You set your times and activities!

We appreciate all of our volunteers!


$250 Lifetime         $10 Associate/Student
$25 Annual              $ 5 Child

We are a Non-Profit 501(C)(3) Corporation

Please mail checks or money orders to:
The Barn On Baseline Animal Shelter
16173 Baseline Road
Genoa, IL 60135

Also, contact the shelter for information regarding:
Automatic monthly donation options
Memorial donations
Estate planning
Online/PayPal paymen