HUGE   thank you to the estate of

Micheline Bardin-Levin

for the $110, 000 donation toward the

Senior Sanctuary Project

(n/k/a The Family Pet Care Center)

We are now on our way!
Please read about our benefactor below.

Please Help Support our new Family Pet Care Center 

What do you do when you suddenly have an extended hospital stay,

but want to keep and retain ownership of your pet?
Normally, you would have to find a friend or family member to watch

your pet for days, weeks or maybe even months!  

Or worse, you might be forced to have to surrender your pet

to a rescue or animal shelter if you cannot find someone to help. 


We have built a new, 5000 sq. ft facility that will house and care

for your pets on a long or short-term basis.  

This allows folks an option to retain ownership of family pets

when life takes an unexpected turn. It allows senior citizens

(and others) the option to keeping their pets while undergoing

physical therapy, hospital stays, or other temporary situations.

We also provide long-term care for pets when a family member

has to move to an assisted living facility or nursing home.  Knowing

their beloved pet is being loved and cared for for as long as they live

will provide peace of mind during this stressful time.

They will always retain ownership of their pet, and they can come

visit anytime with them.

Military personnel can count on us!
We have the opportunity to provide a secure, safe place for your pet

while you are deployed, and serving our country.  Knowing your pet is going to be cared for and loved in a safe environment during your absence

provides relief from worry. With 22,000 active military in Illinois alone, we know this is a need!

Additional services to be provided
While half of our new building will be dedicated to the long and short-term care of your pets, the other half will provide full or half day day care,

a grooming salon, and public boarding in upscale rooms for pets in our community.  The income generated from the additional services will allow

both our shelter, and the Family Pet Care Center funds to operate. The Barn on Baseline Animal Shelter and Adoption Center to continue to adopt

out our shelter pets and serve our community as we have for the last 40+ years.

Dog Training by Licensed Trainer                  Dog Boarding                                                                                   Grooming
     - Basic Obedience                                         - Comfortable Suites with radiant floor heat                                     - Available in our on site spa 
     - Agility field training                                      - Outdoor run access through safe, duel swing dog doors               - By Appointment only

     - Group and individual classes                      - Personalized care programs tailored for your pets needs                 

​                                                Doggie Day Care                                                                              Cat Boarding
                                                      - 1200 sq foot play room with radiant floor heat                               -  Multi level condos with window views
                                                      - Outside fenced play yard                                                                -  Separated litter area
                                                      - Day care packages by the hour, day, week or month                     -  Large play room, flat screen TV
                                                      - Daily nature walks available