Two years ago, I adopted Terri from you. She is a Torby who came to you together with a litter of kittens.  She arrived with a badly deformed leg that needed to be amputated.  Terri manages very well with only 3 legs, running up and down the stairs. She has a begrudgingly mutual respect with our older cat, Sushi. Terri is so sweet and a real cuddler in the evenings. Thank you for all of the good work you do!
                      --Linda E.

We cannot thank you enough for letting us adopt Marty, the little Sheltie, you had 6 weeks ago.  We have named him Buddy and are so happy we rescued him! He is a wonderful dog; smart, fast and adorable.  He has taken over every inch of the house and yard. He is great at riding in the car or truck. We just can't say a bad thing about this dog.  We feel so lucky that we found him and that you let us have him.                                      -- Terry & Becky L .  



​So, what sets us apart from other area shelters? Besides our everyday business of accepting and adopting dogs and cats, we strive to help the pets in our community that have no one else to care for them.

Here is just some of the "charity" work we have done recently:

  • Took in 50 cats and dogs from owners after the Fairdale tornado and held them until the owners were able to take them home.
  • Abbie's owner was a truck driver from out of state. He was rushed to Kishwaukee Hospital ER and we held her until he could take her back. We met him at a truck stop for a happy reunion between owner and pup.
  • We held an owner's 2 cats for a month while he was in the hospital.
  • Dexter and Mr. White stayed with us for a while as a family recovered from a house fire.
  • Bear and Rozay stayed with us when the county required their family move out of the Evergreen Village Mobile Home Park. They were reunited when the family found a new place to live.
  • Held Tina (cat) for one month when a gentleman had to move into a nursing facility until the family could find a new home for her.
  • Held Goldie (dog) for 6 days for an owner that had been arrested.
  • Vicki & Tori were surrendered while the owner was hospitalized and sent home a week later.
  • Holding 2 cats from an owner who passed away while the family determines to find a family to adopt them.
  • Pawly & Pete are guests. Awaiting owner to be released from hospital.
  • Took in Oreo to hold while owner ended up in hospital and she OK'd adoption procedure.

These are just a few of the charitable things we do for our community. Won't you consider a donation to help us continue this valuable service?