February 28, 2019

While we are saddened we even have to post a response to such a ridiculous and hateful allegation, here is the Board of Director's response.

"Mr. Joe Point alleges that while serving his community service hours at our shelter, he observed shells and bones in a burn barrel on the property. 

While it shouldn’t have to be said, we will say it anyway.  At no time has any animal been shot at The Barn on Baseline nor has any deceased animal been disposed of by means of burning at the shelter. Prior to the Pet Care Center being built, tenants used said burn barrel and a stack of tires for target practice as was their legal right. If Mr. Point would like to provide pictures of whatever he thinks he saw, we would be happy to help identify what it was."

We are absolutely disgusted that this hate and malevolence has gotten so out of control from this group, that we would even have to address such items on our website.  We are continually saddened by this group who will seemingly stop at nothing to hurt the reputation of our shelter. 


In reply to the group of protesters “top 10 truths” that they keep circulating on the internet about

Roberta Shoaf/The Barn on Baseline Animal Shelter, here is our response: 

February 22, 2019


1)   Roberta Shoaf was NOT found guilty of multiple violations of the HCAA by the ILDOA.  She did NOT pay a fine.  The DeKalb County Animal Welfare League did dispute the fine and they agreed to pay a fine for failing to disclose a previous adoption.  Roberta Shoaf's name was not on the Notice of Fine.  It was an honest mistake.

 2)  The States Attorney has filed charges against Roberta Shoaf.  Those charges will be addressed in court and not discussed anywhere else.

 3)  Roberta Shoaf did NOT deny the DCS access, her attorney did. There is an ongoing case in play here.  Pictures of the dogs in question are posted. 

4)  The Special Use Permit was attained following all requirements by the County and we have continued to operate within it’s guidelines.

5)  Our shelter is safe.  We have just passed another state inspection conducted by an official investigator of the Department of Ag, Bureau of Animal Health and Welfare.  Under improvements required:  “none.” 

 6)  DCAWL is fortunate enough to have had a memorial donation that is being used as the donor specifically requested.  These folks clearly do not understand restraints in utilizing memorial donations, or respecting the request of the donor.  DCAWL will continue to allocate these monies as the donor wished and instructed us to.

 7)  In 1993 no one currently involved in the shelter was even there.  We don’t know why they stopped paying the $15 fee to register.  We have worked with the AG’s office to correct the over site and are listed on their website as compliant. 

8)  The Daily Chronicle has been biased against the shelter from the start.  The reporter that has been reporting has never, to the best of our knowledge, been in the shelter kennel area. 
9)  Volunteers (unless they prove not to be safe around animals) are always welcome.  We have many regular volunteers to help us. We appreciate them helping us.

10)   We are compliant with our Board of Directors Directives.  Best practices guidelines are just that, guidelines.  Our board is not improperly constituted (per the AG’s office) and our Board meetings, per our bylaws are not open to the public. 

We implore each and every person, that before you start judging or posting something you’ve heard, please come into our facility and see for yourself.  Thank you to those who support us.

                                                                                                                               -The DeKalb County Animal Welfare League Board of Directors




February 19, 2019

Due to recent events, The Board of Directors of The Barn on Baseline Animal Shelter and Family Pet Care Center want to make a statement to our local community and supporters.  We are aware of the allegations against our shelter director. One of the most revered principles in the American legal system is the theory of “innocent until proven guilty” and that is how the Board of Directors feels regarding the recent charges brought forth against the shelter director.  That being said, we are closely monitoring that situation and the continuation of the health and welfare of the animals in the shelter.

 As the shelter director is the face that everyone for years has associated with the shelter, she also reports directly to the board. Case in point, prior to the beginning of the fiscal year, our shelter director announced her future intent to retire.  Since that time, the board and shelter director have been working together to develop a timeline for the transition to her replacement. A strategy to make a smooth changeover has been put into motion. This progression takes time but is moving forward.  
There has been a lot of negativity and allegations made against the shelter director and the Board of Directors over the past 6 months. These actions have resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of dollars of income and donations. That income not only pays for the daily care of the dogs and cats but also provides heat in the winter, supplies to clean hundreds of animal cages and their food/water dishes, countless loads of laundry, building repairs, a dedicated staff that works 365 days a year and much more.  Although this loss of funds has made things difficult, it has not swayed us from the mission and goals we have set for the shelter and its future.  We will not give in to this negativity and will continue moving forward.

This shelter has been around for over 45 years taking in the abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats in DeKalb County.  Over all those years, so many positive improvements have been implemented.  The fence dog kennels were replaced with new aluminum kennels, and recently, raised platforms were installed for the dogs to lay and sit on.  The addition of a new reception area, isolation room, and visiting rooms was constructed 10 years ago.  The cat room received a well needed facelift with the addition of the kitten room, Mom nursery, and installation of new flooring.  At the beginning of 2018, our large project was to install air conditioning throughout the shelter.  With the help and guidance of a local contractor and contributions from our supporters, the A/C was installed at the end of this past summer. For 2019, we have started a new campaign to replace all the cat cages with brand new, veterinarian approved cages. Changes take time and money to happen and do not occur overnight.  There have been many more positive results at the Barn on Baseline than this recent influx of negativity and we hope the community sees this.

 We are going to continue and never stop taking in the surrendered and abandoned animals into our shelter.  That is what the shelter has been doing for the community for many years.  We don’t pick and choose the dogs and cats that are taken in.  We take them all, including the animals with behavioral problems and health issues.  If we didn’t continue to accept these unwanted pets, who will?  The animal’s fate would most likely be euthanasia.

 We, as a board, would like to thank each and every person in our community who has supported the shelter in the past and present.  Words cannot express our gratitude for the outpouring of community support shown during these last 6 months. We hope the DeKalb area community will continue speaking loudly to help combat the negativity being directed at the shelter so The Barn on Baseline can remain open to be there for the countless number of abandoned and unwanted animals that will come to its door in the days, months, and years to come.  

                                                                                                              -The DeKalb County Animal Welfare League Board of Directors