Remember, when you do your online shopping at Amazon, log on to and use your regular logon/password and search for DeKalb County Animal Welfare League and 0.5% of eligible sales will be donated to The Shelter! Click their logo an check 'em out!

Do you grocery shop at Schnuck's in De Kalb?  Do you have one of their gas cards?  It is also a fundraiser for charities!  Stop by the Shelter or Schnuck's Supermarket to get one, activate it and designate our Shelter to receive a donation every time you use your card.  Save money on gas and donate to the Shelter -

A winning combination both ways!

Walk your dog and raise

money for our Shelter?
Get the app at!
Click on their logo to go

to their website!
We currently have 43 people walking dogs for the Shelter. Won't you consider downloading the app to your smart phone so we can hit 50?


Drop off your aluminum cans at the Shelter and we can recycle them for you.  We can then turn around and make some money to help our furry friends.